We play [WWW] Galactic Emperor as Play by email (pbem).

  1. Players
  2. Rounds
  3. Rules
    1. Sequence of play
      1. Beginning a round
      2. Choosing Roles
      3. Ending a round
    2. Roles
      1. Explorer
      2. Merchant
      3. Steward
      4. Engineer
      5. Warlord
      6. Regent
      7. Scientist
    3. Technologies
      1. Ambassador
      2. Diplomat
      3. Saboteur
      4. Time Warp
      5. Space Pirate
      6. Long Range Scanners

















Round 1 End


Round 2 End


Round 3 End


Round 4 End



This pbem works using the [WWW] original rules which are modified by the following pbem-rules:

The following rules override the original rules. Their goal is to minimize the amount of mails that have to be send to keep the game flowing. These changes are not yet tested and thus might be changed at any time by the gm, even during a game.

Sequence of play

Beginning a round

GM sends the map to all players, with all 4 market dice already rolled, but not allocated. The throne player sends a mail to all, choosing the direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise), and choosing his first role

Choosing Roles

After the chooser has send his role-choice to all, every player sends his orders for this role to the gm (according to the rules for the roles given below). The gm puts the orders together and publishes the results and a new map to all players. The next player becomes the chooser, chooses one of the remaining roles and the process repeats.

Ending a round

Ending the Round happens when the last player chooses a role and everyone finishes taking a turn for that role. Then the following occurs:

  1. If the Explorer role was not chosen, turn up 1 more sector tile.

  2. Put all chosen roles back in the pool.

  3. Each player receives 2 marks from the bank.

  4. Pass the Direction card to the player who now holds the Throne card.

A new round begins and play continues.

The Game is Over when a player:



Every player gives an alternative of choices for his sector choice. For example a player who is 2 places in play direction behind the role-chooser, has to give 3 alternatives in descending order. The gm will grant the best fitting sector to any player, beginning with the chooser and progressing in game direction through the other players.
In addition every player will have to state where to place his sector on the map (for example: 'Southeast of Oshanil').
In addition the chooser has to state where to place the additional sector(s) not taken by the players.


When choosing this role and sending his choice to all players, the Chooser also states how he will place 3 of the 4 dice on the market places, thereby fixing the cost of resources.
All players will then work out Harvest Food, Buy, Sell and Fund Metal/Energy Production as stated by the rules. They will send detailed infos of what they want to do to the gm.


Every player sends the gm, in which of his sectors he wants to remove one food to produce resources.


Every player will send detailed infos of what they want to build to the gm.


Every player will send detailed orders where his ships will move to the gm (for example: '1Cruiser, 2 Fighters from Sando to Plauton to Risk').
The gm will execute those orders beginning with the chooser and progressing in play direction through all players.
During fights, hits will be allocated in the following order:


The Chooser's special power is one additional free empire token.
Gain Influence: Every player will send the gm, if he wants to purchse one (more are not possible!) Empire Token for 3 Marks in addition to the two influence markers he receives by default (The costs for these additional Empire Tokens do not rise as per the original rules).
Exert Influence: In the same mail every player will state, where he will place his tokens, in descending order. If he has stated a wish to buy an Empire token, an order for this token has to be given too.
Next the GM will place all Empire tokens and resolve conflicts as per the rules.


This role can only be chosen, when either the Merchant or the Steward role has been chosen at least once.
Every player gives an alternative of technologies he wants to buy in descending order. The gm resolves these wishes starting with the Chooser and progressing in game direction through the players. Only one technology can be acquired per player during this role.


Some technologies have to be discarded or changed for the pbem game.


When giving the orders to buy and place Empire tokens, you also state, which sector is your personal business.


Extra Influence Empire Token always costs 1 Mark.


Is taken out of game.

Time Warp

Is taken out of game.

Space Pirate

Take 1 food or metal resource from the pool, not from an opponent.

Long Range Scanners

Is taken out of game.